We undertake statutory audit, Internal audit, concurrent audit, tax audit under Income tax- Act, 1961,special purpose audit for lending institutions, stock audit, book debts audit and bank audits(both statutory audit and concurrent audit).

Statutory audit

We undertake statutory audits to check accuracy of financial statements and records of an organisation. This is intended to determine if an organisation delivers an honest and accurate representation of financial position by ascertaining the information on bank balances, financial transactions and books of accounts.

Integrated audit

We also undertake integrated audits for our clients which involves an amalgamation of application control reviews, department review and operational unit. This audit provides a knowhow of the functional efficiency within an organisation.

Concurrent audit

We undertake Concurrent audit which is same as internal audit and is carried out at regular intervals to supervise effectiveness in standard operations. Concurrent audit ensures accuracy, authenticity compliance with procedures and guidelines. In concurrent audit there is substantial checking of transactions.

Performance audit

We undertake performance audit which helps organisations to gain knowledge of its performance and the pitfalls which may be involved. This is done by employing personalised and constructive review methods. This helps in improving organisational performance by highlighting the areas for improvement.

Revenue audit

Another special audit undertaken by us is revenue audit which helps in ascertaining revenue leakages which could be due to policies, frauds or erroneous application by staff members.

Management audit

We undertake management audits to ascertain the proficiency of management in taking decisions and its efficacy. An evaluation by independent agency helps in taking stock of the situations. A person needs to have good cognitive skills for undertake of such audits.

Operational audit

We undertake operational audit which is conducted to increase effectiveness and efficiency of business organisations. The organisation can achieve its aims by applying disciplined systematic methods to assess and enhance its effectiveness of control, better management of risk and improving governance.

Financial Statement audit.

We undertake financial statement audit to determine whether the overall financial statements are recorded in accordance with specified criteria like Indian Accounting Standard, IFRS or US GAAP.