We lend our professional services on a variety of services for our clients which includes mergers and acquisitions,Services on venture capital, FEMA and RBI compliances, FCRA compliance, Global transfer pricing services,

Mergers and acquisitions(M & A)

Mergers and acquisitions refer to transactions involving two companies that are combining in some form. Valuation is a major part of M & A deals and is a pivotal point of discussion between acquirer and the target. We give adequate support on the tax and legal issues involved with the M & A process. We also offer our services for post integration.

International tax advisory services / NRI Services

We take stock of the clients cross border transactions to streamline the taxes and assist in repatriation of funds in obtaining foreign tax credits (filing of form 67) and in getting lower withholding taxes or retention tax

Services on venture capital

We help in framing the strategies for the deal for framing the analysis to locating prospective clients negotiations on value and facilitating the agreements.

Capital gains planning

We provide capital gains planning for clients and individuals since property transactions involve huge sums of money and we advise on avenues for saving tax within the purview of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Import – Export services

We assist our clients in availing various export incentives, export subsidies and getting the required refunds and rebates for export- import activities.